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Just about anyone can stencil. It is an easy art or craft to learn. Our easy to follow instructions should make even your very 1st project a total success. We understand that you are excited, but we suggest that you always begin by practicing first on paper. With a little bit of practice, you can achieve beautiful results. Your friends, family and neighbors will be so impressed.

Brush selection is an element of stenciling often overlooked by the beginner. Purchase good quality natural bristle brushes. They will make a tremendous difference in the finished quality of your project. They also last a long time. You will need a brush for each color of paint. Another consideration is choosing brush sizes in proportion to the cut out elements of your stencil. Using a large brush in large cut out areas will speed up the stencil process and give a consistent look. If the brush is too small, the stenciling will look choppy and work becomes tedious.

Most wall paints today are washable or have a sheen. Acrylic craft paints (2oz. plastic bottles) may be found in your local craft store. They come in a wide variety of colors and are perfect for stenciling on most surfaces. We don't recommend wall paint unless you are doing roller stenciling.

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