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Registration & Placement for Stenciling

How To Stencil - Registration & Placement

Stencil layers are marked with numbers in the upper left hand corners to differentiate the order in which you complete the layers. They also align horizontal repeats of a border design. Begin with Layer 1 by marking the pindot registration holes with a pencil either directly on the wall or place small pieces of painters tape under the pindot circles and mark on the tape. After completing Layer 1, place Layer 2 aligning the pencil marks. Please note that registration marks may have some variation and are not always perfect. Visually inspect that the elements of your stencil are lined up. This is particularly important in a theorem type design where all of the stenciled elements touch. If doing a repetitive border design, you will repeat Layer 1 by placing the left hand registration marks of Layer 1 on the right side registration marks of the previously completed layer.

Motif designs may be placed randomly. If you have chosen a border design, placement is very important and should be determined before going to the wall. You have numerous options. Choose if you will begin in the least or some prefer the most conspicuous corner and work your way around the room. We recommend that you place painters tape in the corners and don't try to stencil that area. When the room is completed, the eye will bounce over the corners. Another method is to start at the focal point of the room and work outward. My personal favorite is to treat the center of each wall as a focal point and work to each corner. There will most likely be some "fudge factor" required in whichever method you choose.

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