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Caring for Stencils & Brushes

How to Stencil - Caring for Stencils & Brushes

Be sure to wash your stencils and brushes at the end of the project or the end of the day. Here's a wonderful easy way to clean your stencils. Use a tall kitchen trash bag liner and place a layer of the stencil inside. Spritz the painted side of the stencil generously with Simple Green® cleaner. Repeat laying each stencil sheet on top of the next. Let sit overnight and rinse each layer with warm water. Lay stencils flat inside a folded terry towel to dry. Store stencils flat or hanging, never rolled.

Care of your brushes is important for long-term use. It is important that you follow a few simple guidelines. Never soak brushes in water. The bristles will absorb the water and expand, causing the ferule of the brush to split. We recommend that you clean your brushes with Murphy's Oil Soap®. Not only is it a wonderful cleaning agent, it will condition your brushes with every use. Pour a quarter inch of Murphy's Oil Soap® into a disposable plastic cup. Let your brushes soak in Murphy's for a short period. If paint has been allowed to dry into the brush soak in Murphy's overnight and then scrub. Use a brush scrubber or the palm of hand. Use a circular motion to clean brush and then rinse the paint and Murphy's out of the brush with tepid water until the water runs clear. Squeeze excess water out of the bristles and pinch them back into shape. Always lay brushes flat to dry.

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