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Embossed Stenciling

Embossed Stenciling

Embossed StencilingAnother choice for spectacular walls with style is to emboss them with textured designs. It's so easy and definitely a high-end designer look. All you need is a fabulous stencil, a plastic putty knife and joint compound.

Step 1
Lightly mist the stencil with Delta Stencil Spray Adhesive and adhere your stencil design securely to the wall.

Step 2
Use a plastic knife to apply a smooth, even coat of joint compound (we use Wel-Cote All Purpose Joint Compound) over the stencil to create a raised image of the design. Use a light pressure as if you were icing a cake. Go over the entire design area, removing any application lines and even out the depth of the texture. Lift the stencil straight up and away from the wall. You may want to clean the stencil at this point and dry each side on an old bath towelbefore proceeding. Continue to move the design and emboss.

Step 3
Allow the embossed designs to dry overnight. Paint the entire room with two coats of latex paint in a satin or eggshell finish.

Step 4
When the paint has dried, replace the stencils over each raised image and use a dry brush stencil technique to add color. If you choose not to add color, brushing with an umber color gives added dimension to the design. It may also be used to tone the stenciled color down. Allow the stenciling to dry overnight.

A final option is to glaze the entire wall. Use a soft rag finish or color wash technique. Take care not to rub too aggressively over the stenciled colors.

Please Note: Embossing stencils are typically cut on 7mil Mylar and are one overlay designs, however they may certainly be used with regular stencil techniques as well.

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