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Fabric Stenciling

(Instructions courtesy of Jane Talley)

Fabric stenciling is a fabulous way to show off your talents. Ralph Lauren hand painted jeans sell for big $$$$ and you can make your own. You may not always have the opportunity to show off the walls of your home but you it's so easy to wear your art. It's also a great gift idea; for babies, and showers, and birthdays. It's just another. . . .. easy way to Decorate With Paint!


Always use washable fabrics. For best results, we recommend 100% cotton fabrics. Pre-wash the fabric. Do not use fabric softener or starch. You may dry items in the dryer and iron to remove wrinkles before stenciling.

Stencil crème paints are the best for fabric stenciling. They stay soft and are permanent. If you must use acrylic craft paints, purchase fabric medium and mix with paint according to package instructions. Spray dtencil sdhesive on cardboard to hold f abric firmly in place. Spray stencil adhesive on back of stencil. Place fabric on sticky cardboard and smooth out evenly. Place stencil on fabric. You can also use tape to help hold the stencil in place.

When stenciling on fabric you need to scrub the paint in. Do not apply too much paint since this can cause an oily halo around your stencil. Swirl into the jar of paint, pounce off onto the stone or paper towel and begin stenciling by starting at the outer edges of the stencil. Always start with your lightest color first. Add shading by starting at outer edges and working in lightly towards the center. You can use a hair dryer to help speed up the drying process being sure to remove the fabric from the cardboard first.

After stenciling is totally dry you should heat set for approximately 20 to 30 seconds. Be careful not to overheat & scorch your fabric. (I always use a pressing cloth) Some stencil crème paints state that heat setting is not necessary. We definitely recommend heat setting your item. Use a dry iron for heat setting. Do not use steam.

Caring for your item - Launder in cool water, turning fabric inside out and dry on permanent press cycle. Some directions say not to launder for at least 10 days after stenciling.

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