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Extendable Faux Column Stencil

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Extendable Faux Column Stencil-
#2200 Extendable Faux Column Stencil

Imagine grand columns flanking your foyer, dining room, the home theatre, or your master bath.  If the builder didn't install them, then add faux columns.  Extendable Height (Slight taper to top 1.15" over 5 feet).  The stencil includes the capital and base.  The center section is created using painters tape. 

  • Includes Capital (Crown) 15" h x 12.35" w
  • Base 15" h x 13.25" w
  • 2 Overlays, 2 Sections


Use two shades of premixed glaze applied with a sea sponge to create the look of stone.  Finish by shading the edges of the stencil to create depth.

Price: $29.00


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