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Clouds Stencil-cloud, stencil, pottery barn kids, natural nursery
#1727 Clouds Stencil

Stenciled clouds are perfect for reCreating the pottery barn style organic Natural Nursery.  The stencil is cut on a re-useable mylar stencil and includes 3 cloud shapes making it fun & easy to use.  Stencil white clouds on a neutral colored wall for the pottery barn look.  It's also fun to sponge paint fluffy blue clouds on a light wall or white clouds on a light blue wall.  Clouds are simply a great look in a nursery, kids' room, or playspace.  

Natural Nursery Clouds Stencil

Size of clouds:

  • 6.25" h x 14.5" w
  • 5.3" h x 12.25" w
  • 4.75" h x 9.8" w
  • Single Overlay, 3 Sheets


NEW Sticky Stencil - reuseable mylar stencil has a protective backing that when removed makes the stencil stick to the wall like a post-it note eliminating the need for stencil spray adhesive

Price: $24.00
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

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