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Daisy Lane Decal | Vinyl Stencil

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Daisy Lane Decal | Vinyl Stencil-decal, sticker, flower power, stencil
#11524 Daisy Lane Decal | Vinyl Stencil

Embrace the simplicity of contrast in this row of three flower daisies.  We love the Extraordonary size above a bed and the Small size in white as a laptop skin.  


Choose from one of four sizes:

  • 4" h x 12" w Small
  • 6" h x 18.5" w Standard
  • 9" h x 27.75" w Grand
  • 12" h x 37" w Extraordinary


Choose one home decor vinyl color or "paint option" for one-time use vinyl stencil.  Remember the wall color is the reverse of this design.

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