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The Complete Stenciling Handbook-
#BU2007 The Complete Stenciling Handbook

This is one of favorite books!  From the author of Stenciling on a Grand Scale, Sandra Buckingham has put together another fabulous "how to" book, a must have for every stenciler.

(from the back cover) . . . . The Complete Stenciling Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the latest stenciling methods, tools, and materials. Buckingham explores the full range of stenciling techniques from simple prints, traditional borders, lettering and freeform stenciling to special effects, projection stenciling, imitation textiles, architectural elements, faux marquetry and much more.  She also describes new stenciling mediums and simplifies the world of paint products.  Advice on how and when to use brushes, rollers, sponges and airbrushes as well as an insider's discussion of color selection and color properties make this a vital reference for beginning and expert stencilers alike. 


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