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It all began when I decided to decorate my two boys bedrooms in the design themes of Fire & Rescue and Road Construction. Problem was, I couldn't find wallpaper borders that I liked. I had the inspiration so I got out paper & pencil and draw, traced, and erased until I had trucks, a fire man and a construction worker. With designs in hand, I drove 50 miles and proudly presented my artwork at a stencil store to ask if they could make me stencils. The good news was they could! The bad news . . . a bit on the pricey side! Actually, way beyond my budget. I was sooooo disappointed, I just couldn't give up . . . not yet. I set my drawings aside.

One day, an adult education brochure arrived in the mail and would you believe it . . . they were offering?  Of all things . . . a stencil cutting class. OMG! I registered immediately.  The instructor taught us how to cut stencils by hand using manilla file folders soaked in linseed oil. They cut like butter. My first stencils were overlays meaning there were different layers for different colors. I stenciled the construction room and. . . . . aahhh . . . . so adorable. I cut the Fire & Rescue stencils including a dalmatian dog and that room was just as cute. When friends brought their kids over for play dates they couldn't believe that I did this with cardboard stencils and a dozen bottles of craft paint. With the encouragement of friends and family, I became aWAHM designing & cutting stencils . . . just not by hand.

I bought a computer, taught myself how to draw digitally (on the computer) and launched Heart of the Home Stencils. Coincidentally, it was Valentine's (heart) Day 1998 that our first catalog was dropped in the mail. We eventually outgrew our home studio and opened a retail shop. My husband got transferred, the shop closed and as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end or maybe a better adage is when one door closes, another one opens. Since then, decorating has changed and the stencil business has evolved. We are very pleased & excited to launch our new Web site to satisfy the needs of our customers.  StencilsAndDecals.com let's you choose.  Choose our signature style cut in vinyl decals that you simply stick on the wall or traditional stencils you use to apply paint to the wall. 

Stencils are the easy way to decorate with paint! 

Decals are the easy way to decorate without paint!

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